The Gel Chupa Panza is a cream based on barmitol that facilitates the burning of fat in a specific area. It works in a thermogenic way, so it is applied directly to the skin, exerting its action and without leaving stains on clothing.

The gel presentation helps to supplement the weight reduction that Chupa Panza capsules can offer; It can be placed on the buttocks, abdomen, or any other area where you want to reduce fat.

Many times, excessive body volume is caused by inflammation, which is why Chupa tummy gel is able to reduce this state of swelling and give the body its natural volume.

**The use of this product in combination with a balanced diet and constant exercise is recommended.


What does the Chupa Panza gel contain?

Like the pills, this product is a combination of 100% natural elements, adding camphor, turmeric, spirulina, seaweed, ginkgo, eucalyptus, pineapple, juniper, demineralized water, l-carnitine, bitter orange, mint, glycerin and collagen. And the essential component: barmitol and ginger.

The mixture of the above, is capable of creating diuretic and antioxidant effects, helps in the natural reduction of fat, improves digestion with antispasmodic qualities and cares for the skin.

How to apply the Chupa Panza gel?

The route of administration is topical.

It is suggested to apply the cream in a moderate way on the parts of the body where you want to reduce fat, giving a light massage. It can be applied in the evening or in the morning.

Similarly, you can choose to use a wet towel to open the pores in the area to be treated, spread the gel applying a gentle massage and place the towel around the area again, leaving it there for about 6 hours. The gel is then removed with cold water. Repeat 3 or 4 times a week.

In most cases, Chupa Panza gel does not stain clothes, but in some cases, due to its composition, it can leave yellow tones on clothes.

Demograss and chupapanza gel

For our experts, the chupapanza gel is an ideal complement to combine with Demograss. Demograss activates fat burning from metabolism and chupapanza gel does it topically.

If you combine this use with physical activity or with a diet based on fat and good hydration, you can see results immediately.

Chupapanza with Colombian girdles
If you want to increase the topical results of barmitol gel, we recommend using it in combination with Colombian girdles. They will help you improve your figure and also increase the thermogenic power of the chupapanza gel.

Benefits of Chupa Panza gel

Thanks to the intake of Chupapanza, the following advantages of this product have been verified:

1) Eliminate fat safely.
2) Reduces fluid retention.
3) It acts as an anti-inflammatory, so that various parts of the body will return to a more natural volume.
4)Helps the digestive system work better.
5)It has no rebound effect.
6)Its components are completely natural.
7)Reduces stretch marks.
8)If used correctly, it has no side effects.