Siluet PL2
Siluet PL2
Siluet PL2
Siluet PL2
Siluet PL2

Siluet PL2

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Siluet PL2 

The design of the clothes Siluet meets all the aesthetic guidelines

which added to guarantee optimal results continuous use your figure.



For Use Immediately After Birth

Allow an ideal setting flabby parts and

Adipose generated during pregnancy.

Reduce body volume within the abdomen,Todo en Fajas Colombianas

low-belly, waist, hips, back and legs.

New Technology DRAGO. It helps erase scars,

desinflama and has the thermal properties of DRAGO.

It is invisible! Color specially designed for

not note with outer clothing, even with white garments.

Comfort tablet for more comfort just below the zipper.


* Post-operative.

* Aesthetic and therapeutic processes.

* Correct posture problems.

* Resting the back.

* Give firmness to the tissues.

* Help skin-muscle adhesion due to uniform compression generated.

* Provide support in specific areas of the body such as bladder and lower abdomen.


Top Bra not included.

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